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In the heart of creativity and nostalgia, I am a maker with an unwavering passion for breathing new life into the forgotten stories woven into vintage needlepoints. Each piece of my art is a testament to the timeless tales and intricate craftsmanship that once adorned homes with love and dedication. I embark on a journey to rescue these exquisite needlework treasures from the shadows of the past, transforming them into wearable art pieces that resonate with the soul.

I launched my brand in 2015, repurposing French vintage tapestries and giving them a second life through a reworked collection of unique fashion and accessories creations.

I create one-of-a-kind pieces from these beautiful treasures from the past and it's also for me a way to celebrate the women who used to sew for months these incredible pieces of art.

Taking it down from the walls to wear them everyday in the streets wherever you go !

You will find in my collection, unique reworked denim jackets, super cute chain bags and bum bags, detachable collars and much more! 

Each creation is handmade with love and care in my studio.

You won't find two identical Frankie. items anywhere...

way to feel special!

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