To be treasured, worn to a festival or everyday... Frankie. reworks vintage denim jacket with French tapestries into wearable soft cotton denim jackets. With a feature patch on the back and a cute single patch on the pocket.Each piece is sustainable and handmade in my London studio, giving a second life to fabrics with a background story. All denim is purchased vintage in. U.K and tapestries are sourced in France in Antique markets.

Vintage Ferre denim jacket with Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase, 1887 by Vincent Van Gogh.

Size Large, depending on desired fit


From top to bottom: 63cm / From armpit to armpit: 55cm


Wash garment inside out

Only wash your garment on a cold cycle

Do not tumble dry

Jacket Imperial Fritillaries (M/L)