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Meet the Maker

Bonjour Folks!🙋🏻‍♀️

There are a few new lovely faces here so I thought I would re introduce my self!

I am the proud (and sole!) owner of Frankie., a small independent brand which has upcycling and sustainability at its core since 2015.

For each creation that I make, I use traditional French tapestries, which I hunt, buy, wash, rework, assemble and sew myself in order to make unique upcycled items such as jackets, purses, collars and bumbags.

As a thrift lover, I've always been fascinated by these beautiful tapestries. I'm obsessed with giving them a second life and repurposing them into a wearable piece of art; for me, it’s also a way to celebrate the women who used to sew them (a process which generally took months!) and I like to think that the grannies who spent hours working on them would be proud to see my generation wear them in their every day life!

Each piece is handmade in my studio and I make sure, when I source the tapestries, that each one has an exciting background story to it - I like to enquire about the maker behind the art and being able to tell my customers all about them. I see it as a modern twist to pass on to the future generation so that the work of our elders isn’t easily forgotten.🌟♻️


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