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Paris is Calling!

Strolling around Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty and style. It’s one of Frankie’s favourite cities not only for the breathtaking spectacle but also for the character, the attitude, the sass. Taking inspiration from every petit detail, there’s no end to the creative stimulation that goes into Frankie’s work.

Montmartre is an all time favorite for thrift shopping and also for stocking up on supplies in ace little haberdasheries like this treasure:

La Boite à Couture, Rue d'Orsel in the 18th Arrondissement

Getting lost in the charming narrow streets you almost feel like you’re in a village and ready to unearth some of Paris’s best kept secrets...

Going further afield to the bustling streets of Les puces de Saint-Ouen in the northern edge of Paris lies one of the largest antiques and second-hand markets in the world. Roaming through the insane amount of merchants with an endless supply of bric-a-brac, furniture & paintings, there’s no end to the weird and wonderful objects you’ll discover here.

But it’s no mission for the faint hearted, you need patience and barter to kill to bag the second hand treasures and let us tell you the thrill of it is intoxicating! Something which Frankie has such a passion for, especially when she finds intricately beautiful tapestries to then rework into something even more special to hold for a lifetime.

@popular favorites Marché Vernaison, Saint Ouen.

@Tombe du camion, Marché Vernaison, St Ouen.

Thrifting got you hungry? Here’s some of Frankie’s top spots for filling that shopping fuelled void.

Ecru Kitchen

4 Rue Audran,75018

La Bascule

24 Rue Durantin, 75018

Ma Biche

12 Rue Véron Montmartre Pigalle, 75018 Paris

Want to quench your thirst?

Chez Jeannette 47 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis

Marlusse et Lapin in Montmartre

14 rue Germain Pilon

Le Vrai Paris

33 Rue des Abbesses, 75018


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