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Frankie goes to Mexico 🇲🇽

We traveled to Mexico for 3 weeks in March 2023. If you're looking for a memorable adventure in Mexico, a road trip through some of the country's most stunning destinations is the perfect way to experience it all. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through Valladolid, Merida, Palenque, Bacalar, and Cozumel, sharing some of our favorite stops along the way.

Our trip started in Valladolid, a charming colonial town in the Yucatan Peninsula. Here, we wandered through the colorful streets and admired the stunning architecture of the city's historic buildings. We also visited the nearby Cenote Zaci, a natural swimming hole surrounded by lush vegetation and towering cliffs.

Next up was Merida, the cultural capital of the Yucatan. We spent a few days here exploring the city's rich history and vibrant arts scene. Highlights included visiting the Mayan World Museum, strolling through the bustling markets, and enjoying delicious local cuisine like cochinita pibil and papadzules.

From Merida, we headed south to Palenque, a city nestled in the lush jungle of Chiapas. The main attraction here is the Palenque archaeological site, where we marveled at the towering pyramids and intricate carvings of the ancient Mayan civilization. We also hiked through the jungle to the nearby waterfalls of Misol-Ha and Agua Azul, taking in the stunning natural beauty of the area.

After Palenque, we made our way to Bacalar, a picturesque town on the shores of a stunning turquoise lagoon. We spent our days here swimming, kayaking, and lounging in the sun, soaking up the laid-back vibe of this idyllic destination.

Our final stop was Cozumel, a tropical island off the coast of the Yucatan. We spent a few days here snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters, exploring the island's lush nature reserves, and enjoying the vibrant nightlife of San Miguel.

Overall, our three-week road trip through Mexico was an unforgettable adventure that gave us a deep appreciation for the country's rich history, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant culture. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, a nature lover, or just looking for a little relaxation, there's something for everyone on a road trip through Mexico.


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